Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver a flexible email management service that is easy to use, easy to understand, and adds value and efficiencies to the modern business environment, no matter the size of the organization. We will do this by adhering to our [5] Core Precepts:

  1. We believe that everyone should be able to trust their email.
  2. We believe that things like encryption and email tracking should be intuitive and easy to do.
  3. We believe that you don’t need passwords to protect your most sensitive electronic data.
  4. We believe that security, safety, privacy, and protection should be an assumed standard for everyday electronic communication, instead of an afterthought.
  5. We believe that security, affordability, flexibility, and ease-of-use are paramount for success.

About Us

It all started with a question: how do you make email more safe, but easy enough for anyone to do it?

That question evolved into a passion that fueled ten years’ worth of research, development, and tracking the trends in modern business. The end result was our @SecureTrack product, with intuitive flexibility that allows for growth and adaptation, all while maintaining the most stringent security and protection standards.

We’re still a group of passionate tech wizards, compliance experts, and people who are excited about innovation and business.



We take pride in having attracted and retained exemplary multi-talented employees. Our dedicated team is the foundation of our organization, enabling us to build lasting relationships with our clients and partners.

Adaptability and innovation are inherent parts of our skill set as these key attributes enable us to think outside of the box. We solve problems fluidly, applying technological solutions to everyday business needs

Our responsive expert staff takes pride in consistently offering customer support excellence. We focus on the individual needs of our clients and partners, while offering industry insight into changes in technology, cybercrime, and regulatory requirements.



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